Happy Anniversary: Uncle Adolf is a menace

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HERE are some reasons you might otherwise miss for celebrating the forthcoming week:

29 March:

1886: Invention of Coca-Cola by John Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia. The drink is described as an 'Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage'.

1922: The US Census Department reports that 11 per cent of the population are unable to speak English.

30 March:

1858: Hyman Lipman of Philadelphia patents the first pencil with an eraser on one end.

1939: William Hitler of New York describes his uncle Adolf as 'a menace'.

1978: Margaret Thatcher calls in Saatchi and Saatchi to improve the image of the Conservative Party.

31 March:

1896: Whitcomb L Judson receives patent for the zip fastener he invented in 1891.

1947: The Bishop of London blames Britain's high divorce rate on the influence of Hollywood.

1 April:

1909: Britain's first double- decker buses run in Widnes, Cheshire.

1947: The Public Morality Council in Britain denounces artificial insemination as illegal and adulterous.

1958: Abolition of legalised prostitution in Japan.

2 April:

1877: First recorded firing of a woman from a cannon. She is a performer called Zazel at West's amphitheatre, London.

1973: Princess Anne denies any romantic connection with Captain Mark Phillips. They become engaged on 29 May.

3 April:

Feast day of Saint Pancras of Taormina, a first century evangelist, sent by St Peter to convert the Sicilians. He was reputedly very popular, but was stoned to death by brigands. Not to be confused with St Pancras of Rome (fourth century) after whom the station is named.

1974: Glenda Jackson wins an Oscar for her performance in A Touch of Class.

4 April:

1911: The State Legislature of Massachusetts denies women the right to vote.

1988: Crossroads ends on British TV after 24 years.