Happy Anniversray: Orient Express mystery

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23 May:

1934: Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are killed in a hail of bullets when driving into a police ambush in Louisiana.

1988: Fleming Koch and Nina Tolgard are joined together in the world's first underwater marriage ceremony.

24 May:

1920: President Deschanel of France falls from the Orient Express dressed only in his pyjamas. He is unhurt but resigns four months later and dies in 1922.

1989: Ian Hislop says: 'If this is justice, then I'm a banana', when Sonia Sutcliffe is awarded pounds 600,000 damages against Private Eye.

25 May:

1850: The first hippopotamus is seen in Britain as it arrives at London Zoo.

1935: Jesse Owens breaks five world records and equals another, all in the space of one hour.

26 May:

1868: Britain's last public hanging takes place outside Newgate Prison.

1969: Photographers crowd room 1742 of the Hotel de la Reine in Montreal, Canada, as John Lennon and Yoko Ono begin a 'bed-in' for peace.

27 May:

Birthday of actors Christopher Lee (1922) and Vincent Price (1911).

1988: A Canadian is acquitted of murdering his mother after driving 14 miles to her home, hitting her with an iron bar, and stabbing her. The defence proved that he had been sleepwalking.

28 May:

1891: The Cafe Monico in London's Piccadilly hosts the first world weightlifting championships.

1951: First broadcast of The Goon Show on BBC radio.

29 May:

1871: Britons celebrate their first-ever bank holiday.

1953: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reach the summit of Everest.