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You can be poor, illiterate, jobless - even ill or in prison - and still be happy.

How to be happy (R4)

Our to-do list has taken over today; we define ourselves more as human doings than as human beings.

How to be happy (R4)

This is how sad I am. I'm sitting here with the Jackie Annual, 1975.

Anthea Turner

Annual Delights (R2)

It's primarily the granties who buy them - the grandmas and the aunties.

WH Smith annual buyer

Annual Delights (R2)

What utter rot you talk, Sybil! Not all elementary schoolkids live in filthy hovels with thieving fathers and sluttish drunken mothers. Take a walk through Esher, any day.

Annual Delights (R2)

When the choir sings in G major or F sharp, the nave sends it back with a smile on its face.

Carols for Choirs (R4)

... whisky, the quintessence of earth's ripeness, the heavy, rich blood of summer.

George Mackay Brown, from

`An Orkney Tapestry'

Petits Fours (R4)

The turkey was OK, but it would have been better if the giblets and the plastic bag had been removed.

Sue Townsend, from

`The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole'

Petits Fours (R4)