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Listen up sisters. For pounds 1.50 you can change your life. Or learn to love yourself at the very least. Or at the very, very least, you can get a soggy croissant and a lecture about body image. But I have a feeling that the 'Grrrlstyle Revolution at the ICA' will have a lot more to offer than that.

The ICA Bad Girls season has been a stimulating programme of film, performance, exhibitions and talks, in which women artists move beyond the political to create fiercely explicit feminist art. The forces behind the project see museums as too exclusive and have attempted to make the ICA more accessible to women. Having done that, they are now targeting teenage girls. Regular readers of the music press will be familiar with the term 'riot Grrrl'. It refers to the feminist punk rock underground sound, crossing over in this country to the indie scene with bands such as Huggy Bear and The Voodoo Queens. The Voodoo Queens wrote the songs 'Supermodel/Superficial' and 'Kenuwee Head' (a paen to Keanu Reeves).

Their lead singer, Anjali Bhatia will be giving an installation in the toilets about body image. Also on offer are screenings of Grrrls' video diaries, a women-only discussion on activism and the chance to participate in the creation of a riot Grrrl fanzine.

On reflection, pounds 1.50 seems a good deal for a full day of invigorating discussion, maybe even concussion (you never can be sure with Riot Grrrls). Alternatively for pounds 1.50 you could buy two copies of Just Seventeen, but here's my tip. . . Don't.

Emma Forrest

'Grrrlstyle Revolution', 12 noon Sat 4 Dec at ICA, The Mall, London SW1 (071-930 3647), admission included in day membership ( pounds 1.50)

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