Here Today: National Film Theatre: Desert Island Movies

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Remember the scene in Bedazzled, where Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, dressed as the Fruni Green Eyewash men, swindle pounds 10 from the kind old lady? Nope, you probably don't. Despite its relative success, Bedazzled is hardly ever shown on television. Neither is Robert Altman's California Split, Martin Scorsese's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore or Francis Ford Coppola's You're a Big Boy Now. Difficult to find on video, they are all films I need to see now or I think I may explode.

Thankfully, the National Film Theatre has started up its 'Desert Island Movies' scheme. For pounds 70, members of the British Film Institute can select a film of their choice on the date of their choice. Included in the price are 10 tickets for the best seats in the house and a dedication in the NFT programme booklet. You make a first and second choice in advance, and, if neither can be shown, your money will be returned.

No other cinema in London offers this service - joining the BFI, which also includes use of their brilliant library, is worth it. Four months' notice is required and the choice of film and dedication must be in line with the BFI's cultural policy (does that mean that Police Academy 4 is out?).

Whenever I'm supposed to be concentrating really hard on something, I automatically start worrying about what records I would choose if I was ever invited to be on Desert Island Discs. Which Joni Mitchell song? Is David Bowie really necessary? With the dawn of 'Desert Island Movies', I have even more to worry about.

For more information, contact Hilary Smith on 071-815 1308