London is getting floating hot tubs

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With the world seemingly pirouetting on disaster, there's never been a better time to float along a canal in a hot tub with a cold one.

The HotTug is a 3.8m x 2m wood-fired hot tub filled with fresh water heated to 38C. It can be operated by its passengers and will drift lazily up and down central London canals morning, afternoon and evening this summer, stationed in Old Street.

Invented and hand made in Holland, the boats are equipped with quiet electric motors and have been safety tested (in case you had valid concerns of sink risk).

Each HotTug holds up to seven people and they cost £220 to rent out based on a 90 sail.

The HotTug is just the latest bizarre experience London has seen; you have to admire someone actually making it happen, with the creators crowdfunding the project.

Tommo and Jack felt they had exhausted London’s ping pong bars and bottomless brunches, and set about finding something that had never been done before.

“I first set eyes on The HotTug in 2012 and knew that it was something that Londoners would love," Tommo said. "The inner pirate in me is so excited to be launching a new business on a boat and I cannot wait to bring this incredible experience to my home city.”

Long term, the plan is to take the HotTugs to other parts of the UK & Ireland.