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n In 1977, there were 11.3 million school pupils in the UK; in 1992-93, 9.5 million: 8,791,000 in state schools, 607,000 in non-maintained schools, and 103,000 in special schools.

n In 1965-66, there were 280,000 children under five being educated in state schools. In 1992-93, there were 848,000.

n The UK spent 5.2 per cent of its GDP on education in 1992-93.

n According to the Department of Education, the size of the average primary school class increased from 26 in 1980-81 to 27 in 1992-93, while the size of the average secondary school class decreased from 22 in 1980- 81 to 21 in 1992-93.

n In 1987-88, 28 per cent of school leavers went on to full-time further education; in 1991-92, 37 per cent. In 1992-93, 12 per cent of the population aged between 25 and 69 had degrees.