The second episode of our three-part guide to the future considers our prospects at a more human level. What will happen to the family, now that fewer and fewer people aspire to traditional ideals of monogamy? What sort of education will our children ne...
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n Face up to the prevalence - and thus the probability - of divorce and separation; and learn to separate elegantly, without fighting.

n For the same reason, be careful what you teach young children about family life. Don't encourage them to think that mummy and daddy will always be together.

n If you are a woman, abandon the idea that you can always have a man to lean on. It is highly likely that you will be your family's sole breadwinner at some point; train yourself so that you can earn a breadwinner's wages.

n If you are a man, become a New Man, or women will spurn you. (And remember: equal work means equal, not token.)

n Campaign and lobby for employers to give women equal pay, and for the government to finance child-care.