I Work For: A highly organised perfectionist with healing hands

Nuala Commane Tierney is PA to Michael O'Doherty, co-founder of the Plexus Bio Energy Institute, a complementary healing therapy
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I USED to have my own business, but when my marriage ran into difficulties I was drained by the prospect of continuing it with four small children at home. I consulted my doctor, but rather than accept the course of anti-depressants he prescribed, I decided to go for treatment at The Plexus Bio Energy Centre.

Michael began the therapy by waving his hands around my body, which, from a Western medical point of view, looked ridiculous. I did think: "Well, this is a handy way for a man to make a few pounds." Then the process began to take effect as I felt a tingling, pulling sensation.

Bio Energy Therapists believe that the organs store emotional traumas, which, if not dealt with by the individual in a positive manner, are likely to manifest themselves in a physical or mental illness later in life. By manipulating the energy field around the body, thereby allowing the energy field to rebalance itself, the emotional trauma is released and the person begins to become physically healed.

From Michael's point of view, one's life and health are in one's own hands, so he wasn't prepared to tolerate any self-pity from me. As the therapy began to work and my energy and confidence flowed back, I decided that I would start training to become a Plexus therapist. I took a computer course at the same time and was torn between which career path I should follow. But when my training ended, Michael solved my dilemma through asking me to become his assistant and administrator, a job which would allow me to combine my knowledge of the therapy with my business and computer skills.

I found Michael's complete confidence in himself rather daunting at first and was terrified that he would be a pig-headed boss, so I told him I would need to work a trial period before I committed to the job. But he soon put me at ease and once I understood what he wanted, I had no problem working with him. He is a perfectionist with a highly organised mind and no time for charlatans.

As well as organising Michael's schedule, I run our database and organise the clinics both at home and abroad. We are visited by people from all walks of life, and every year on a voluntary basis we treat children from Chernobyl, which is particularly rewarding. I also answer client's queries abut how the therapy could help them. People ring up with medical problems all the time, anything from ME, IBS and back problems to psychological difficulties. It's wonderful to see people transformed by the therapy.

I like to think that Michael's schedule is a lot more organised since I have been here. Having run my own business, I understand the day-to- day problems of administering a busy office. But as a team we look after one another. Michael is very supportive of the fact that I have four children and I know he appreciates my work. Being a therapist myself, in the long term I would like to have my own healing centre but at the moment I like my life as it is.

Interview By Katie Sampson