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Sir: Kevin Bond, chief executive of Yorkshire Water, has a 30 per cent pay bonus, bringing his remuneration to pounds 298,000; Ofwat reports a 12 per cent increase in the number of Yorkshire Water problems it is asked to investigate; unmetered homes have their prices increased by 8.1 per cent. The company attempts to justify the figure by claiming that it attracts and retains the right calibre of director.

I'm sure truly high-calibre folk such as judges, airline pilots and surgeons would love to know exactly what skills and knowledge make Mr Bond worth nearly pounds 1,000 per day.



Sir: You believe Louise Woodward was properly tried and convicted (leading article, 25 June). The question is not so much whether the American judicial system might be worse than ours, but that we are not so confident of any system after the many miscarriages of justice in this country, such as the case of the Birmingham Six. Deny Louise Woodward a voice and you are part of the problem. Panorama was perfectly entitled to give her a voice.


Knowsley, Merseyside