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Sir: Alan Pavelin (letter, 20 June) asks why the explosion in unwanted pregnancies in teenage girls has coincided with increased provision of sex education and subsidised contraception.

The answer is very simple: they are having more sex, earlier, as they are all over the western world. The question is, why the British record is so much worse than that of our European neighbours? The answer is that craven politicians and education authorities have stunted the provision of proper sex education in schools.

Mr Pavelin and his attitudes are very much part of the problem.


London, SW14

Sir: A Cheshire correspondent (17 June) takes you to task for not knowing that Hartlepool is in "Cleveland", not Yorkshire. Please inform him that "Cleveland" was abolished two years ago. Hartlepool, as he also says, is actually in traditional County Durham and if confusion such as yours, his and countless other people's is to be avoided, we must ditch all newfangled concepts and, for all non-local government matters, return to the real counties of our birthright.


Leeds, Yorkshire