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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Arts Council's Poetry Library, which houses the largest collection of post-1945 poetry in this country, we're offering a first prize of a weekend for two in Dublin and The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing, a second prize of a pounds 100 book token and membership of the Poetry Book Society, plus 5 runners-up prizes of a selection of contemporary poetry volumes. Send your answers to the questions by 3 June to: Poetry Library Quiz, South Bank Centre, SE1 8XX. The usual rules apply.


Who was, or is,

1 the Hermit of Hull?

2 the Rupert Brooke of the Depression?

3 the Homer of the Caribbean?


4 From what word is the term Dada derived?

5 Which Anglo-American literary movement was founded in the British Museum tea-rooms?

6 To which literary group did Kingsley Amis, Thom Gunn and Donald Davie belong?


7 Who was best man at W B Yeats's wedding in 1917?

8 Which English poet did Thomas Mann's daughter Erika marry in June 1935?

9 Who married whom on Bloomsday, 16 June, 1956?


Which prizes have been won by:

10 T S Eliot, Joseph Brodsky and Odysseus Elytis?

11 Robert Frost, Robert Lowell and William Carlos Williams?

12 Douglas Dunn, Tony Harrison and Seamus Heaney?


13 Pablo Neruda's poem 'The Dead Woman' was lovingly quoted in which recent film?

14 For which organisation did W H Auden and Benjamin Britten collaborate on the films Night Mail and Coal Face?

15 In which Robin Williams film was Walt Whitman's

'O Captain] My Captain]' repeatedly quoted?


Who wrote:

16 'Daddy, daddy, you bastard I'm through'

17 'My father was a collier/ And a working man was he'

18 'Daddy and I were lovers/ From the beginning, and when I was six / We got married in the church of Crinkle, near Birr'


19 Which writer, more famous as a novelist, published Pomes Penyeach?

20 Vikram Seth's first novel was written entirely in verse: what was it called?

21 Which black American novelist's poems include 'Revolutionary Petunias' and 'Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful'?