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THERE WAS an amusing side to this deal from an old Lederer Memorial Trophy match. Declarer miscounted trumps (yes, it can happen, even in the most exalted company) but, quite inadvertently, found himself recovering.

North opened One Spade and South responded Two Hearts. This set North something of a problem - he was well short of the values for a high reverse with Three Clubs, 2 No-trumps would (on his methods) show a better hand, and his spade suit was very threadbare. His actual choice of Three Hearts, knowing that his partner held at least five cards in the suit, was quite an intelligent effort. South went on to game and all passed.

West led #6 against Four hearts and East took his two tricks in the suit. Eager to attack declarer's trump holding, he led a third diamond. South discarded a spade and ruffed in dummy. Then he played off !K and West (a seasoned rubber bridge player) followed the valuable old advice - "If you cannot follow suit, at least play something of the same colour!" - when he discarded a red diamond. Oblivious to the bad trump break, South came to hand with 2A and started to reel off his trumps. There was a hitch when East won the fifth round with a totally unexpected nine.

Now East played another diamond and South ruffed with his last trump. Meanwhile, West had been forced to make some uncomfortable discards and on the last trick he had to find one from 4KQ 2QJ while dummy, sitting over him, still held 4A6 2K9.

He was squeezed, and the thankful declarer collected the last three tricks.

Game all; dealer North


4A 6 4 3 2

!K J

#K 2

2K 9 3 2

West East

4K Q 9 5 410

!none !9 7 6 4 2

#8 6 5 4 3 #A Q J 10

2Q J 7 6 28 5 4


4J 8 7

!A Q 10 8 5 3

#9 7

2A 10