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THE ENGLISH chess team is three points behind USA in the Chess Olympiad. Over the weekend it lost to Israel and beat Canada. Matthew Sadler's trenchant win, given below, gained the victory.

Matthew thought he had a winning stranglehold after 21 a3 with his command of space and build-up on the king's wing; he threatens 22 Qh3. The expected eruption came with 22 Nxg7, and by 31 Rxg7, Black can no longer escape.

Round 7 pairings being played yesterday, and containing current scores after 24 games:

Ukraine (161/2) vs USA (18)

Russia I (171/2) vs Bulgaria (161/2)

Germany (16) vs Armenia (16)

China (16) vs Estonia (16)

Georgia (151/2) vs Belarus (151/2)

Sweden (15) vs Moldavia (151/2)

Lithuania (15 vs England (15)

Lebanon (12) vs Ireland (12)

Wales (11) vs Singapore (11)

Scotland (101/2) vs UAE (101/2)

Jersey (81/2) vs Nigeria (81/2)

Guernsey (61/2) vs Honduras (61/2)

Top pairings in the women's Olympiad:

Ukraine (13) vs China (141/2)

Romania (121/2) vs Estonia (121/2)

Georgia (121/2) vs Russia I (12)

England (111/2) vs Poland (111/2)

The Scottish women have 8 points, the Welsh 7, the Irish 41/2.

Elista, round six

White: Matthew Sadler

Black: Bryon Nickoloff (Canada)

Nimzo-Indian Defence