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Edinburgh Festival `98: Film Ryan Gilbey

YOU ONLY have one more week to catch the most original film currently on show in London. Majorettes in Space: Five Gay Tales from France showcases exciting work from young French directors, the best of it by Francois Ozon, represented by two shorts: A Little Death is the affecting story of a photographer who finds an unusual way of bonding with his dying father; the very funny A Summer Dress concerns a teenager bored with his boyfriend's "stupid fag songs". Ozon is a compassionate, hugely talented artist - look out for the first showing of his debut feature, a black comedy called Sitcom, at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Monday.

ICA, The Mall, London SW1 (0171-930 3647)

Hitchcock's Psycho (above) now looks like a textbook lesson in how to pre-empt, manipulate and booby-trap an audience's expectations. The first part of the movie is my favourite - the sense of barely sustained banality beneath which immoral acts are being conceived.

On general release

Demarco European Art Foundation, Edinburgh (0131-556 8409) 7.30pm