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Violent crimes committed by English and Welsh

girls aged 10-14 in 1991: 500

Passengers per minute through London

Heathrow Airport in 1992: 114

Expected in 2016, assuming no night-flying: 144

Polluting jetliners overflying the UK per hour: 25

Expected in 1997: 32

Major power stations required just to operate

Britain's 38.3 million television sets: 2

Mississippi River flow-equivalents required to supply world water consumption: 8

Expected within a human lifetime: 18

Number of cattle per number of humans: 0.23

Per Somalian: 0.63

People evacuated from the world's chemical

accident sites per year in the 1980s: 114,000

Estimated major pesticide poisoning accidents per minute: 2

Annual kilograms of municipal waste per Briton: 353

Per Finn: 500

Bodyweights of waste produced by an average American in a lifetime: 4,000

By an average person in the Third World: 150

Daily museum attendances in Bangladesh: 695,000

In Britain: 49,000

In Pakistan: 1,536

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