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Countries in the world which treat their women as well as they do their men: 0

Average number of days separating major prizes or honours won in 1993 by author

Michael Ondaatje: 45

Tax-paying individuals in Britain: 24,500,000

Average yield per tax evasion

investigation: pounds 24,500

General practitioner night visits

in 1979-80: 564,700

In 1989-90: 936,187

Increase in people on sickness/invalidity benefit March 1992-March 1993: 222,000

Factor by which nitrogen in rain has increased over the last 150 years: 3

Juggernaut-loads of stratosphere-destructive CFCs and halons used in Japan in 1986: 5,753

Age of oldest cedars on Yaku-shima

island, Japan: 7,200

Annual number of tourists visiting Antarctica: 3,500

Average weeks taken for an indictable offence to pass through magistrates' court in 1992: 32

British Academy annual grant for post-graduate humanities studies: pounds 21,700,000

Science Research Council's annual

grant: pounds 1,165,000,000

Percentage of BBC Radio which is drama: 2.9

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