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Wild animals slaughtered to celebrate Roman

Emperor Trajan's conquest of Dacia

(Romania): 11,000

Animals killed on Spanish roads every year:


Monthly living expenses of actress Kim Basinger:

dollars 22,000

After bankruptcy plan: dollars 10,000

Capitalisation of US corporation after merger of

Bell Atlantic and Tele-Communications Inc:

dollars 60,000,000,000

Pounds of opium sold by British business to

Chinese addicts in 1837-38: 5,250,000

Number of polluting jet travel trips available

each year in the United States for every US man,

woman and child: 2

Juggernaut-loads of fuel jettisoned before landing

by British Airways jetliners in 1992-93: 65

Sci-fi novels published in Britain in 1989: 130

In 1992: 84

Daily illegal immigrant arrests on the US border

near El Paso, Texas: 1,200

After revamped policing: 75

Percentage of 16- to 18-year-olds in full-time

post-compulsory education in Britain: 40

In Spain: 61

In France: 82

In Germany: 89

Years Last Exit to Brooklyn, Tropic of Cancer,

Tropic of Capricorn, Naked Lunch and The Ginger

Man were between them banned in Britain: 83

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