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Average working day's expenditure on land and buildings in the last five years by the Ministry of Defence: pounds 53,846

Average working day's expenditure by English Nature on purchasing National Nature

Reserves: pounds 315

Gypsy caravans in England: 12,777

Number of cars kept in Greater London: 2,380,000

Upper estimate for year 2011: 3,610,000

British Rail Freight vehicle fleet in 1979: 137,589

In 1993: 19,877

Percentage of films released in the UK in 1991 which were made in Hollywood: 89.5

English country parishes with no school: 4,740

Proportion of England that will be built-up by the middle of the 21st century on current

trends: 1/5

Nottinghamshire policing cost per offender found guilty or cautioned in court: pounds 2,839

Average weekly rent of a Welsh council

dwelling: pounds 29.81

Average rent in 1979, at 1992 prices: pounds 15.26

HM Queen's untaxed, unearned income from the Duchy of Lancaster per day

in 1990/91: pounds 8,493

Percentage of Japanese men in their twenties who see work as the main purpose of life: 30

Average months' duration of women's extramarital affairs: 21

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