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Days before Terminator 2 had taken dollars 100 million in US cinemas: 16

Batman Returns: 11

Jurassic Park: 9

Unexploded mines buried across the

world: 100,000,000

Telephones at the home of film producer Michael Winner: 83

Budget for salaries and expenses at the 1994 US presidential White House Office: dollars 39,914,000

For the US department of agriculture's 1994 low- income rural housing grants: dollars 36,000,000

Percentage of viewers who think the BBC pounds 80 licence should be partly or wholly replaced by commercials: 49

Minimum cost to CNN of one direct-to-satellite battle-reporter vehicle for Bosnia: pounds 100,000

Empty houses declared 'not needed' that are owned by government departments: 26,000

Annual foreign trekkers through tribal areas of Thailand: 100,000

Ukrainians per Ukrainian nuclear warhead: 31,000

Potential gallons of fresh water available annually per American: 2,600,000

Per Israeli: 460

Per Jordanian: 260

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