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Police required to produce one car-

theft conviction: 37

Proportion of available cars stolen

every year: 1/6,000

Daily road accidents in North America for every one in Britain: 76

Minutes taken by North American cars to empty an Olympic swimming pool of petrol: 3

Cases of BSE (mad cow disease) per week: 1,000

Fraction of peak demand represented by new higher target of UK renewable energy production: 1/30th

Percentage of British scientific and technical research which is war-related: 50

Percentage of 1993 US federal research and development which is war-related: 69

Football fields of supermarkets

owned by Sainsbury: 151

Tonnes of waste dumped per day by petro- chemicals company ICI: 20,000

Proposed 1993 budget of the US's Environmental Protection Agency: pounds 4,133,000,000

Combined annual budgets of Britain's National Rivers Authority and HM Inspectorate of Pollution: pounds 484,000,000

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10 per cent); Ideas for Tomorrow Today; Offer / DTI / The National Grid Company (15,000MW); BBC News & Current Affairs; US Office of Management and Budget (1994); Sainsbury plc (6,578,000 sq ft); ICI; US White House; RM / NRA / HMIP.