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Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment personnel visiting US Pentagon germ and chemical warfare laboratories in 1988-89: 36

In 1992-93: 56

Number of overseas premises operated by the diplomatic service: 600

English country parishes with a place of worship having no resident minister: 5,293

Legal abortions performed in England and Wales since 1967: 3,546,681

Varieties of skin preparation dispensed by the NHS: 1,776

Offenders cautioned or found guilty in court per Nottinghamshire policeman in a year: 12

English juveniles convicted of burglary in 1987: 10,244

In 1991: 5,549

Prosecutions of cyclists in Metropolitan London for riding without lights in 1991: 7

Minimum increase in cars kept in Greater London officially predicted over the next 18 years: 820,000

Annual spend per secondary school pupil in the Conservative-controlled London borough of Ealing: pounds 2,580

In the nearby Liberal-Democrat-controlled borough of Richmond upon Thames: pounds 1,990

Days spent watching television per year by average viewer: 54

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