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Percentage of American women who own an electric shaver: 45

Britain's earnings from 67 US military bases

each year: pounds 521,000,000

Britain's earnings from foreign countries' embassies each year: pounds 610,000,000

Estimated proportion of developing countries' debt spent on arms imports: 1/3

Average pence paid by British Airways for an imperial gallon of fuel: 46

Tonnes of hardwood required annually for charcoal to smelt Amazon pig iron used in British and EC car manufacture: 20,000,000

Species of catfish in Amazonia: 500

Estimated number of girls in world with no access to schooling: 60,000,000

Ratio of male to female Aids infection

in Africa: 1:1.2

Estimated milligrams of synthetic pesticide residue eaten by average Briton daily: 0.09

Robins reported dying of eating grain treated with pesticides in Janury 1992: 1

Britons employed in mechanical engineering, including machine tools, in 1981: 877,000

In 1991: 673,100

Tonnes of litter collected per year by Torbay

district council: 5,000

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