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Estimated supertanker loads of water emitted

by commercial aircraft in or near

the stratosphere each year: 153

Tonnes of climate-altering carbon dioxide released

in the generating of electricity to power

a personal computer for a working year: 0.8

To power an average household for a year: 9

Proportion of surgeons currently working in

English and Welsh hospitals who qualified

outside the European Community: 1 in 4

No-charge sight tests conducted in 1988-89:


In 1990-91: 4,840,000

Reported assaults on women using public transport

in 1990: 655

In 1991: 993

Prison inmates who have broken out

and remain at large since mid-1988: 671

Unemployment benefit in real terms for couple

with two children under 11 in 1976: pounds 90.82

In 1992: pounds 69.70

Confirmed cases of mad cow disease in 1991: 25,013

Total known mad cow disease cases to date

in Switzerland: 17

Likely cost of replacing each of the

Ministry of Defence's 1,701 tracked combat

reconnaissance vehicles: pounds 1,175,779

Cost per week of maintaining the aeroplanes

of the Queen's Flight: pounds 6,853,000

Proportion of Americans wearing

contact lenses: 1 in 10

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