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Hyde Parks of English urban sprawl built since 1945: 4,985

English rural parishes with either no bus service or one that does not run after 6pm: 5,110

Miles daily Saudi Arabian oil production would stretch loaded in nose-to-tail articulated road tankers: 465

Annual passengers per km of railway line in the UK: 44,265

In Italy: 25,625

Percentage of 200 tested Bombay professional blood donors who were HIV-positive: 86

Estimated Bosnian children exposed to prolonged terrorisation by war: 150,000

Estimated number of sins committed by an individual in a lifetime: 2,522,880,000

Large public waste incinerators in the EC: 525

Miles sugar used by France's Coca-Cola plants each year would stretch loaded in nose-to- tail juggernauts: 4

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