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Expenditure on publicising the first report of the Prime Minister's Citizen's Charter: pounds 420,000

Percentage of families headed by

a lone parent: 19

In France and Germany: 11-13

In Greece, Spain and Italy: 5-6

Motor vehicles licensed on British

roads: 24,351,062

Convictions for theft or unauthorised taking of

a motor vehicle in 1987: 5,840

In 1991: 4,073

Times British cars would stretch round the

world in a traffic jam: 1.5

Current DTI funding for improved engine energy efficiency and pollution control

per vehicle: 10p

Government studies of the health effects of

air pollution in the M25 corridor: 0

Value of award by the Museums & Galleries Improvement Fund to the National Museum of Film and Television: pounds 50,000

To the Imperial War Museum: pounds 600,000

UK test firings of (American-made) Polaris nuclear missiles: 42

Anti-diarrhoea medicines available

on prescription: 43

UK taxpayer support for Northern Ireland in 1966-7 at today's prices: pounds 489,000

In 1992-3: pounds 3,296,000,000

Sources: Duchy of Lancaster; DSS (1990); ibid; ibid; DVLA; Home Office; ibid; RM/Helicon (20,115,615 10-ft units); RM/DTI ( pounds 2.5m); Dept of Health; Museums & Galleries Improvement Fund; ibid; Ministry of Defence; RM/Dept of Health; NI Office; ibid (including security)