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Merchant mariners losing their lives in 1991: 1,204

Merchant ships wrecked or stranded in 1991: 45

European city pairs to be linked by hub-and-spoke Brussels air services by 1995: 2,000

Airliners operated by Sabena in 1989: 35

Airliners planned by Sabena for 1995: 86

People in developing countries whose per capita income declined in 1990: 1,000,000,000

Estimated girl prostitutes under 16 years old in Thailand: 800,000

Percentage chance of dying before 30 of Aids of a 20-year-old central African woman in 2010: 15

Average seconds' duration of US presidential candidate's daily soundbite on network

TV news in 1988: 10

In 1968: 40

Percentage of the 272 violations of US environmental laws in 1989 which were attributed

to the military: 72

People employed in manufacturing transport equipment, including aerospace, 1981: 347,800

In 1991: 223,700

Miles juggernauts would stretch loaded nose-to-tail with solid industrial waste authorised for dumping at sea by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food in 1991: 2,421

Hallmark Cards' charitable giving per employee in 1988: pounds 3

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