Inspirations Novelist: Helen Zahavi

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The music

For years I've been listening to Edith Piaf, especially "Je ne regrette rien". It always lifts my spirits, even though it's not true in my case. I regret everything.

The place

I spent several years in Brighton, which inspired Dirty Weekend.

It has those three essentials for an interesting life: Regency architecture, a listed pier, a thriving underworld. It's cultured, vibrant, seedy, romantic.

The film

The Godfather II is the movie I find most hypnotic and disturbing. I knew a man who shared the methods and guile of Al Pacino's character. Every time I watch, I feel a shiver of recognition.

The artwork

When I was seven I was given a book of Van Gogh. I have never forgotten the Cafe Terrace at Night. I wanted to sit in that pool of soft light; so I moved to Paris. Then I discovered he painted it in Arles.

The play

Joshua School's Ghetto, for its emotion and spectacle, and because that night I rekindled a broken friendship. We happened to take adjacent seats, and all was forgiven.

`Donna and the Fatman' is published by Anchor