by Andrew Milligan on the Star Trek Internet
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"The uniforms in Star Trek: the Next Generation were changed from the spandex one-piece suits (that made the cast look muscular) to the wool two-piece suits (that make them look flabby but are more comfortable). In most episodes, you can see Pica rd tugging at his uniform as it rides up. This has become known as the `Picard Manoeuvre'."

"It is difficult to pin down the exact point in history that the new film Generations is set. It begins at the christening of the Excelsior-class NCC 1701-B, which would appear to take place in 2294: a question is asked of Kirk on how he feels about the first Enterprise without Kirk in the chair for 30 years, relating to Kirk's command of the Enterprise in 2264. This places it one year after Star Trek VI: the Undiscovered Country, in which NCC 1701-A [the second Enterprise] is decommissioned."

"Scotty (James Doohan) is missing the middle finger on his left hand. It can occasionally be seen in brief shots in early episodes of the original series but they had to use a stand-in for close-ups of him operating the transporter."

"The Prime Directive [the Federation's written constitution] is as follows: `When contacting a planet making normal progress toward a free and united society, a Starfleet officer shall make no identification of self or mission; no interference with the social development of said planet; no references to space or to the fact that there are other worlds or more advanced civilizations. (Revised 2278)'. "

"Lycia Naff ("Ensign Gomez" in The Next Generation) played a topless three-breasted hooker in Total Recall. All three of them were latex prosthetics rather than her actual breasts."

"The only doorknob ever seen in a Federation setting was on the door to Christopher Pike's quarters in the episode `The Menagerie'."

"An ornament company once marketed a pewter model of the Enterprise that sold for £100."

"Asteroid number 4659, (discovered on 2 March 1981) was named "Roddenberry" in honour of Gene Roddenberry, the series' creator. After he died, Roddenberry's ashes were carried into space on board the space shuttle."

"Only nine people have ever captained the Enterprise: James T Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Robert April, Christopher Pike, Willard Decker, Spock, Rachel Garrett, William T Riker and Edward Jellicoe."

"In an episode of the original series, "The Enemy Within", Kirk has no insignia on his uniform when he materialises from the transporter. This is because the wardrobe department forgot to sew it on after his outfit came back from the cleaners."

"In a scene from "Space Seed", as Kirk bends over, his phaser falls off his belt. You can see Dr McCoy's alarmed reaction, as he wonders if the take will be used."