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The Union Chapel at Highbury Corner in north London may never have seen an evening like it. The "No Future in Nostalgia" show on Monday, celebrating the 25th year in the business of veteran stand-up and performance poet Mark Kelly, boasts a bill to die for. The evening will be compered by the sassy Rhona Cameron and a mysterious, allegedly mega TV personality who will introduce the endearingly wacky Harry Hill and the lovable observationist Alan Davies. Then we will be treated to the potentially hysterical sight of old friends Jo Brand (below left) and Jeff Green attempting to perform each other's sets. I can't wait to see Green sample the line: "They say men can't experience the pain of childbirth. They can if you hit them in the goolies with a cricket bat... for 14 hours." And it should also be interesting to hear the pencil-thin man try this gag for size: "I went on the Pill aged 16. Put on four stone. That proved to be a very effective contraceptive."

Topping the bill is the man who after his mammoth West End run before Christmas is now the Prince, if not the King of Comedy, Eddie Izzard. He is possibly the only person in the world who could get a whole five- minute routine from the idea of blue underpants being undercover agents in a white wash. "Blue underpants, you'll infiltrate the white wash. You're our best undercover clothing. We've done you some forged papers. You'll be disguised as a white handkerchief."

As if that wasn't enough, every member of the audience is promised a free gift. Obviously not content with being the new rock'n'roll, comedy has become the new charity.

`No Future in Nostalgia' at the Union Chapel, London, N1 (0171-226 1686) Mon