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So Tribal Gathering's cancelled, what a shame. In this draconian, raveless age, and with no Glastonbury, we need at least one proper festival - an event where all the different dance music tribes can gather, if not under one roof, then in one field. Still, promoter Vince Power, owner of almost every London venue, probably sowed the seeds of this disaster last year when he won a court case against the police allowing his Reading festival to go ahead. The boys in blue are not good losers, and the traffic objection, which cancelled Tribal Gathering, was surely a settling of scores. How petty.

Never mind, though, it's another bank holiday and there are quite a few mini-festies around town. On Sunday, there is a Free Festival of Global Rights, at the Bandstand field, Finsbury Park from 12 noon. This features a full-on techno sound, a dub tent, a live stage and loads of veggie stalls. Back to Friday and the venerable and very festie Whirl- Y-Gig moves from Shoreditch town hall to Hammersmith town hall, after five years (King St, London W6, 9pm, pounds 8). This is a beautiful, ambient event which attracts all sorts from around the world, and if you've never experienced the parachute dance, you really should. Also, on Friday, a little bit of Brixton becomes Goa when Otherworld takes place at the Fridge (Town Hall Parade, London SW9, pounds 10, 10pm). It's hard and trancey, with Lol from the Drum Club at the controls, together with live acts and fresh chai for all.

On to Sunday, try Restless at the fabulous Adrenalin Village. Where better for 17 hours of non-stop music than in the shadow of Battersea Power station. It's free before noon and only pounds 7 afterwards, though it's not for the faint-hearted as the music will be bangin'.

And don't forget Metalheadz, Goldie's club at the Blue Note, on Sundays (Hoxton Sq, London N1 pounds 8, 7pm); jazz meets jungle and new musical styles emerge every week, or The Pleasure Playground Masked May Ball at the Southwark Arches (Southwark Bridge Rd, pounds 10, from 2pm). The title says it all, suffice to say this hedonistic experience is reserved for the over-25s.