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Forget dispersement and social geography and cocooning. The buzz word of the moment is clanning (try it on for size.: c-l-a-n-n-i-n-g). It means upscale urban types will be banding together in protected estates and being very New Agey while the proles on the other side of the high security gaze on enviously. . . European Drug Prevention Week kicks off on Friday 14 October with a live satellite link- up from London Docklands, carrying a message from East End schoolchildren to their German counterparts. . . The drink to swig in the nation's clubs is Bio-Plus, another triumph of the isotonic over experience. . . Otherwise the dry martini is making a comeback at smart lounges everywhere - but remember more than two is simply not cool. . . Official news bulletin: bikes are sexy, as Bicyclexpo 1994 opens to prove over this weekend at Alexandra Palace with the latest in BMX's and mountain bikes and dumbo fashion (anyone for a thermal jacket made from recycled plastic bottles?). . .phone 071-336 7248 for further details. . . Last and least, Friday heralds Grotty Tie Day, a vicious attempt to encourage men to wear that 100 per cent nylon thing Mummy bought them last Christmas - as if any encouragement was needed. . .

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