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Just say yes

Actor-comedians James Poulter and Graham Duff reckon to have discovered the secret of big box-office: free drugs. Their new show will offer punters the chance to experiment with Herbal Ecstasy, a legal drug which they'll be road-testing in the name of theatre at BAC next week. Lovingly researched, The A-Z of Drugs will present volunteers with a choice selection of narcotics - reindeer urine, toad skin and cheap lager will all be on hand for snorting/smoking/ mainlining purposes - and Poulter and Duff will in addition be explaining which part of his anatomy Errol Flynn used to snort coke off. They also plan to present an educational glove-puppet show featuring Kurt Cobain and Keith Chegwin. And, lest you doubt it, be informed that the boys' interest in mind-expansion is purely professional: Duff has previously written a solo show entitled Burroughs! (as in William S) and Poulter's new sitcom project for Channel 4 goes by the name of Wrecked.

BAC, Lavender Hill, Battersea SW11 (0171-223 2223) 9pm Tue 2-Sat 7 May, £5/£4 (pay what you can Tue)