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Round up England's 500 most fearsome karateka (that's exponents of karate to you), put them together in the same sports hall, then stand back and watch the fun. This is what's on the cards at the English National Karate Championships on Sunday at Crystal Palace.

Part of the appeal is that there are no restrictions on style - every age-group category (the 16 to 17-year-olds, known as the cadets, 18 to 21-year-olds, and the seniors) will feature performers from across the range of disciplines within the sport, performing both katas (compulsory figures) and kumite (the fighting itself). There's also a team competition, and among the favourites will be the British Sports team, including Wayne Otto, twice world champion, the Ishin-ryu team, looked after by national team coach Ticky Donovan, and the Sekudo team, coached by another former world champion (and tournament organiser), Abdu Shaher. For a day of explosive action, make your way to south London.

English National Karate Championships, National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace (081-778 0131) Sun 10.30am (finals begin 6pm). Tickets £5 adults, £3 under-16s