Keep yer titters in

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One half of Terry Titter's name is genuine. But that's about all anyone outside the North West knows of the man the Liverpool Echo are calling the brightest comic talent to come out of Liverpool this decade. Local critics have invited comparisons with Tommy Cooper, Tony Hancock, Eric Morecambe and Max Miller, and as if that weren't enough to kill him off, we learn that he comes schooled in the finest tradition of clapped-out old entertainers - "always ready with a song and a smile... just when you don't want one." In the words of his agent, "Terry Titter is unexpectedly available for anything.'' And remember Terry has yet to garner a single laugh in the course of his brief comic career, so don't expect anything to change at this weekend's shows. As they say in Liverpool, "Terry Titter... he's crap."

`Terry Titter's Cabaret', Watermans, 40 High St, Brentford (0181-568 1176) 7.30pm 14-15 Apr, £5