Kings for a day

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Kings for a day

Sounds like anything but a drag at the ICA this weekend where Diane Torr (above), the New York-based cross-dressing impresario, explores the themes of gender and the erotic. On the line-up are two nights of controversial gendertainment, including an award-winning film of erotic stimulation, and Torr's unique Tongue and Bum choreography in Drag Kings and Subjects. And for women who really like it hot and want power dress without a dress, King for a Night provides a road-test for aspiring cross-dressers. Women are asked to bring a costume of their choice and, following a makeover and seminar, are then invited to join Torr for a night out with the lads in an exclusively male environment - anything from a gay bar to a sex club. "There is nothing weird about the women that attend," assures Torr, who believes that the workshops are peculiarly fascinating to all women. "We spend so much of our lives observing men just as a form of survival - this is just a way of buying ourselves some freedom. By becoming men we see how women behave towards us, which gives us a valuable insight into our own behaviour." So it's a man's world and if you can't beat them, join them, if only for a night.

ICA, The Mall, SW1 (0171-930 3647): 'Drag Kings and Subjects'

5-6 May 8pm; King for a Night 6-8 May 12 noon-6pm, £45, £40 concs