LAST 5 RECORDS I BOUGHT; Peter Stringfellow

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Legendary nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow recently released his autobiography

"If something is astounding, which is unusual, I will go out and buy it. My 17-year-old girlfriend knows all the names of the latest groups which tend to go right over my head. When I first met Oasis, I bought their first album and was struck by how similar it was to the Small Faces. So I went and bought the Best of the Small Faces. My girlfriend, Helen, couldn't see any similarity but "Itchycoo Park" is the starting point for most music today.

I played her some blues by Sonny Boy Williamson but she was totally unimpressed. She is making a record of her own and tells me the producer has written it and that it's a fantastic number. So I listen to it and fall about laughing because it's Eric Clapton's Layla. I recently bought an indie compilation, The Best Album in the World, with Blur, Oasis and many more, which I keep going back to.

I've been a nightclub owner since 1962 and Buddy Greco the jazz lounge piano player is the best thing I've ever heard, not that it did anything for Helen when I played it to her. But Helen played Robert Miles's "Children" to me and that beautiful piece of music is probably the only thing we both like.

I listen to music all the time but prefer voices when I'm in the car. Today's music is all a bit deja vu for me. Oasis are brilliant, but it's hard to be original and they have geniuses to follow."

Stringfellow's selection

Best of the Small Faces pounds 3.99

The Essential Sonny Boy Williamson pounds 11.99

The Best Album in the World pounds 17.99

Buddy Greco, Soft and Gentle Buddy and Soul, pounds 9.99

Robert Miles, "Children", on Dreamland, pounds 15.49

(Courtesy Virgin Megastore)

Peter Stringfellow's King of Clubs is published by Little, Brown and Company, pounds 15.99