Artist spotlight: Dawes


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Los Angeles band Dawes are successfully managing to capture the magic of the classic Laurel Canyon sound, whilst adding a fresh young twist to it and gathering a following of a whole new generation of fans through their impressive live shows.

Their second album Nothing Is Wrong, released in September 2011 received rave reviews and was a graceful and poetic, Southern-tinged, yet firmly El Lay rock'n'roll album.

We caught up with them ahead of their Friday night i Arena performance at Latitude to talk about their must-see latitude performances and to see who made it on to their festival Spotify playlist...


Which latitude are you on right now?

We’re in New York City.

Who’s your must-see performance at Latitude this year?

We’re excited to see Jonathan Wilson play a show out there. Seems like he has a lot of new fans so it'll be fun to see how it's received.

If any artist could do a guest appearance with you at Latitude who would that be and why?

Maybe Kurt Vile. His guitar playing is really good and his songs make a lot of space for it. It'd be fun to play a little guitar with those guys.

What’s been your weirdest festival experience?

We invited our dad to come sing the last song with us at Newport Folk Festival two years ago. It was unexpected I think, but definitely the biggest highlight.

Summarise Latitude in seven words

I've never been but excited to go

Fill in the gap, “Baa baa Latitude sheep, have you any _________ ?’’