Latitude 2013: Five minutes with... Drenge


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Peak District two-piece Drenge play filthy blues rock with the force of a band with twice the number of arms. They're also playing Latitude this year.

1. Which latitude are you on right now? 

Sleepy, we've had some chicken soup after a day in the studio messing around with lots of old gizmos and wizardry at our mate's practice space.

2. Sum up what you do for us in one sentence for anyone who might not know…

We play fraternal punk rock on guitar and drums and there are only two of us and we have fun.

3. What’s the best thing about performing live?

Meeting new people and allowing them to form an opinion on your music, either positive or negative. That, or finishing a song and being met with stunned silence.

4. Do you have any pre-show rituals? 

Apart from the old vocal/drumming warm-ups, writing a setlist, tuning the guitar and doing a line check? No. We can't even remember to do all of the above.

5. What’s your best festival story for us? The stranger the better! 

The only festival story that I have is that I ate an egg and bacon bap from a van and the lady mumbled something as she handed it over to me. I bit straight in. Yolky all over my batman t-shirt! She looked a me and said "I told you to watch out for the yolk" then she turn around and carried on flipping burgers. The end.

6. Tell us a something you’ve never told an interviewer before…

My first guitar was a Yamaha Pacifica, and although we don't see that much of each other now, she lies, like an angel, on my pillow.

7. What’s your signature cooking dish? 

This Mexican dish that kicks ass. It's like avocado and cheese backed in tortillas with tommy sauce (no ketchup). If I'm feeling lazy I'll pop a wad of pineapple and avocado on a pizza. I hated avocado as a kid, so I've recently discovered her with open arms.

8. What book/film/record etc. changed your life and why?

Control by Corbijn. Leaves me absolutely numb, time after time.

9. Knock knock, who’s there?

 Doorbell sales assistant? ...idk.

10. And lastly, summarise Latitude in three words