Latitude 2014: Five minutes with Catfish & The Bottlemen's Van McCann

The guitarist says he would choose Danny Welbeck to play him in a film

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If I could collaborate with one other Latitude artist it would be…

It's a toss up between James and Tame Impala for me. James probably because I watched them soundcheck at a festival last year and their singer is the baddest bad ass on the planet, honestly he's a gangster! Laid is one of my favourite songs man! Tame Impala because I like their haircuts and drum beats, I wouldn't mind just collaborating in roadie form for them.

The thing I’m most looking forward to at Latitude is…

I can't wait to play but honestly, the food that you get fed as a band is absolutely CLASS! I met this lovely woman who was doing the cooking last year and she was so sweet! I hope she's there this year so I can kiss her cheeks, tell her she's amazing and eat her food like mad.

The worst lie I’ve ever told was…

I don't know about the worst, but one of the best off the top of my head was that I was in the Vaccines to the security when they supported Arctic Monkeys a few years back. We were playing across the road from them and I just thought after soundcheck, “I might just blag this y'know!” So they let me through and I went and invited them to come see us across the road and watched them both tear a sold out arena up.

My secret talent is….

I'm terrible in bed but I’m incredible with my hands.

My life motto is…

There's two sets of lyrics that every time I hear them I just laugh and think what a great thing to live by. In that song 'Alright' by Supergrass it says “We are young, we go out, smoke a fag, put it out!” I fucking love that! It's so pure and such a simple, but brilliant social comment if you know what I mean?

The one I live my life by is a Streets lyric that says “We came to this world with nothing, We'll leave with nothing but love, Everything else is just borrowed.” I just love everything about my life and every single person that is close to me. I'm really really in love, and really really in love with the music I’m writing, and I'm really really in love with the people I’m writing it for. Everything else means nothing to me. All I care about is making them happy and making me happy.

Dream dinner party guests would be…

Just me and Ewan Mcgregor. He'd get me so drunk and I’m almost certain I’d end up in his hot tube playing light-sabers.

The book that changed my life was…

I've only read one book in my life cause I struggle reading big time. It really bugs me as I’d love to be into books, but I can't envision things when I read over the words. That book was Mike Skinner's book on the story of The Streets. It took me about a year and a half to read but it was well worth it. He's funny him. My hero n ting'

If there was a film about my life, my character would be played by…

Danny Welbeck because I think we look alike! Or me! If it was a film about me and I was casting then I'd pick me and just pay me a fortune. I've got me down to a tea like.

I’d like to get lost in the Faraway Forest with…

Danny Welbeck and a paintball gun. Don't ask.

What’s in your festival picnic hamper?

Danny Welbeck and a paintball gun. Again, don't ask.

What’s on your Latitude playlist?

1. James - Laid 

2. Augustines - Chapel

3. Tame Impala - Desire Be Desire Go

3. The Black Keys - Next Girl

4. Bombay Bicycle Club - Your Eyes

5. James - Tomorrow

6. Future Islands - Seasons

7. George Ezra - Cassy O

8. The Black Keys - Everlasting Light

9. Tame Impala - Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards

10. Catfish and the Bottlemen - Kathleen