Latitude 2014: Five minutes with Ry X

The Australian indie singer reveals which acts he'll be listening to at Latitude when he performs at the festival next weekend

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1. If I could collaborate with one other Latitude artist it would be…

Right now.. maybe James Holden, or Nils Frahm - something to stretch boundaries.

2. The thing I’m most looking forward to at Latitude is…

Being a part of a beautiful community of artists and sharing our work.

3. The worst lie I’ve ever told was…

 I’ve told a few..

4. My secret talent is….

My secret talent ; )

5. My life motto is…

Presence. live within it. Be compassionate and loving. Work towards finding joy in it all.

6. Dream dinner party guests would be…

I get to have it a lot with my friends and family, special crew I have amassed around me.

But would be really nice to sit with some other cats like Ravi Shankar, Kurt Cobain, Ghandi, Jeff Buckley, Mother Teresa. It would be a weird dinner.

7. The book that changed my life was…

The Tibetan book of living and dying.

8. If there was a film about my life, my character would be played by…

I couldnt imagine. It would be strange to see anyone do some of the weird shit I do.

9. I’d like to get lost in the Faraway Forest with…

The ones I already have closest to me.

10. What’s in your festival picnic hamper?

A good italian pasta, cheeses, fruit, olives, prosecco, tons of blankets and pillows.

Ry X’s Latitude Playlist

Nilhs Frahm - For

Cass McCombs - Morning Shadows

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief

The Acid - Fame

James Holden - Renata

Conor Oberst - Cape Carnaval

Sohn - lessons

Son Lux - lost it to trying

Billy bragg - between the wars

Mogwai - take me somewhere nice