Luke Wright answers some tough (and not so tough) questions


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Luke Wright, Latitude’s Poetry Arena host and co-curator, is one of the UK’s top stand-up poets.

The author and star of five solo stage shows, he is also poet in residence on BBC Radio 4’s Sony Award winning Saturday Live. Working with documentary makers he has had two major poetic works commissioned by Channel 4.

He writes darkly satirical tales about British life from his outpost in East Anglia and then tours his wares around literary festivals, arts centres, big music festivals and dingy drinking dens. In his spare time he is creative director of boutique underground publishing house Nasty Little Press. 

Don’t miss Luke and all the other tip-top acts in the Poetry Arena over the Latitude weekend.

We caught up with Luke ahead of his Poetry Arena and Outdoor Theatre performances and check out his ‘poetry playlist’ to the festival...

Which latitude are you on right now?
Not far from the festival in the fine old town of Bungay, where I live.

Who’s your must-see performance at Latitude this year?
It's got to be Benjamin Zephaniah. Him and light verse sensation Nic Aubury.

If any artist could do a guest appearance with you at Latitude who would that be and why?
Philip Larkin, but he's dead. I'd get him pissed on Tuborg and goad him to say inappropriate things.

Tell us a surprising fact about you
I'm adopted.

What’s been your weirdest festival experience?
I once did a set down a megaphone at the stone circle at Glastonbury. I was 17 at the time. People were too off their faces to mind.

Summarise Latitude in 7 words
The festival that makes festivals okay again.

Fill in the gap, “Baa baa Latitude sheep, have you any _________ ?

What’s on your Latitude playlist?
I'm going to do poems:

  • Heart of Class - Tim Clare
  • I've Fallen In Love With my Wife - John Cooper Clarke
  • Still Life - Clare Pollard
  • A Girl That Reads - Mark Grist
  • The Wrong Radio Station - Benjamin Zephania