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PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY David Lock has revealed the nature of his pupil-master relationship with Anthony Scrivener QC. Mr Lock reminded Mr Scrivener, when both men were speaking at a celebration of the work of North Lambeth Law Centre, that he started his career as a pupil barrister at Mr Scrivener's chambers. Mr Lock recounted what an honour it had been to learn from such a great advocate. However, when the pupillage ended, the young Lock looked elsewhere for work. How times have changed, remarked Mr Lock, as he was now the minister implementing a radical reform package for the legal profession and Mr Scrivener was a barrister who would have to live with it.


THE NEW Blair baby has repercussions for next year's legal calendar. Organisers of the 2000 American Bar Association annual conference, to be held in London, have given Cherie Blair star billing alongside Hillary Clinton. But the Blairs' baby is expected in May, just two months before Cherie, a leading QC and part-time judge, is due to speak on the topic: "Behind every great man - a woman lawyer?" The success of the event hangs in the balance as the Blairs sort out their baby-sitting arrangements.


JUDGE WILLIAM Rose did his reputation for tough justice no harm when he caught a burglar red-handed in one of the private rooms at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court. The crook was arrested on the spot and last week was sentenced to two years' imprisonment when it was revealed that he carried out the burglary just two days after leaving jail for another break-in.