Le Tis est le biz

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Le Tis est le biz

Three or four seasons ago, Premier League football clubs could count on a visit from Southampton to provide their lowest gate of the season. But that was before Matthew Le Tissier started scoring the kind of dazzling Roy of the Rovers goals that have seen him become every starry-eyed schoolboy's hero. Southampton play Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow in the fifth round of the FA Cup and, while there's plenty to admire in Jurgen Klinsmann's prodigious workrate and Nick Barmby's athletic dynamism, there's only one player whose effortlessly threaded 40-yard passes and casually hoofed laser free-kicks cause collective drooling on all four terraces. At Southampton, Le Tissier is as close as it's humanly possible to be to a one-man team; and even on an off day, it can be worth the gate money alone just to see him fail... gloriously.

White Hart Lane, 748 High Rd, N17, 3pm Sat