Leading Article: A game too far

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THE NEWS that Camelot is applying to run another National Lottery prize draw is as predictable as it is unwelcome. Camelot wants to make as much money as it can while it still has the licence to run the National Lottery. But this natural desire to maximise profit is no reason for Oflot, the regulator responsible, to grant Camelot's request. Oflot would do well to ponder the plethora of existing channels by which mug punters are exploited.

There are lottery draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Instants scratch cards. There are "numbers" games run by the bookies. And you can still do the football pools, play the fruit machines, go to bingo, buy Premium Bonds and bet (by phone or the Internet) on anything from the Hallo Dandy Novices' Chase at Carlisle, to whoever is to replace Paddy Ashdown at Westminster. Maybe, just maybe, Camelot's new scheme is a game too far.