Leading Article: No more last chances

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THE FREE flow of information and reporting is the enemy of tyranny everywhere, and this is the only shard of hope that can be rescued from the grim news from Kosovo at the weekend. Most of the Serb atrocities committed in Bosnia took months or years to come out. By the time the mass graves were uncovered, the righteous anger had cooled. This time, the international observers and the television cameras were there within hours of a massacre being carried out by the Serbian special police.

There is no excuse, then, for further delay on the part of European leaders, including Tony Blair and Robin Cook, who have since last March been issuing Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia's leader, with "final warnings". Mr Milosevic should be charged with war crimes forthwith, and outside military force should be used to protect the ethnic Albanians from his murderous paramilitaries.