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Kate and Anna McGarrigle look alike, sound alike, and love each other. They also love their Canadian homeland, Jesus and their extended family, and they sometimes sing in French. None of which makes their gig sound like the place to be; but in fact it very much is. The McGarrigles are hugely talented singer/songwriters who have consistently over the last 20 years or so come up with a mix of haunting laments, folk spirituals and whimsical love songs. While their songs have been covered by the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, their own performances are usually definitive; close and fragile harmonies make the most of their melodies, which are often quite beautiful. But a good time to go to the bar is when they sing in French. These are moments when one realises what it must be like to be French and be surrounded by English and American pop. Bring on the subtitles.

Barbican Hall, London EC1, Friday 25 October, 7.30pm. pounds 8.50, pounds 12.50, pounds 15.00 (0171-638 8891)