Letter: A coward's war

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Sir: I read with interest your leading article "Truth is always the best basis for reconciliation" (19 June), but I draw a different conclusion.

Truth is the best basis for hatred, if the truth happens to be diabolical. While impartial investigation of all suspected war crimes and the prosecution of those responsible is very important, I doubt that the exposing of the truth will result in reconciliation. If investigations in Kosovo reveal that truly heinous acts were committed, hatred will be deepened and justified.

After the Second World War, war crimes were investigated, and those found guilty were sentenced. However, I doubt that seeing their tormentors tried and convicted gave the Jews great confidence to live in Europe. Many left to seek sanctuary in Israel. This is a good argument for partition of Kosovo, as a way of solving the second wave of ethnic cleansing we are witnessing.

A better understanding of what makes ethnic and religious groups turn against their neighbours with murderous intent will help us to understand that it is more than likely to happen again.