Letter: A euro tactic for Tories

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Sir: What is the "influence" that Euroenthusiasts claim we would have if we joined EMU? It would be the "influence" of one state in the 15 of the United States of Europe. No influence over monetary policy. Little discretion in fiscal policy, as the Stability and Growth Pact takes a large chunk of fiscal policy to the European level. One voice in15 in setting taxes. I don't remember voting for dear Oskar. And so on, even as far as foreign and defence policy, though they still operate through unanimity - so far.

Which is better, 100 per cent influence over one's own country or 7 per cent influence over the United States of Europe? It seems pretty clear to me.

The sheep-like call, "Can we afford to stay out?" displays a large underlying dose of defeatism. I cannot see that a country with the fifth or sixth largest economy in the world is incapable of standing on its own two feet.

We should not join EMU. And, in the medium to long term, not joining EMU means not being in the EU, because our partners would not allow it. It is time to leave. Shake hands with them, wish them well, tell them we will stay in close contact, but set off into a new future.