Letter: A religious duty

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Sir: Circumcision is practised by the largest minority in Britain, two million Muslims, plus hundreds of thousands of practising Jews. Circumcision for boys is a religious duty in Islam, started by the father of the prophets, Abraham, and implemented by the Prophets Moses and Muhammad. The blessed Jesus was circumcised.

For years, we have been requesting the Department of Health to organise this facility through professionally trained doctors (with a small fee to the doctor and the hospital if necessary) in order to avoid "backstreet circumcision" with untrained people or in poor hygienic conditions ("Backstreet circumcisions maim boys", 21 September).

We do agree that some cases of circumcisions were not up to standard or had some complications, but the way forward is to recognise this religious need and to make proper provision for it.


Islamic Concern

London N18